Darktoll was a Dungeons & Dragons campaign that was played over IRC for almost a year. Toward the end of the campaign one of the guys had created a :darktoll trigger that would randomly spout one of many funny lines we had exchanged in that time. I wanted to share those moments with other friends, but I realized they wouldn't be funny to them without knowledge of the characters and the campaign itself.

The best solution I could come up with was to turn Darktoll into a comic strip by using all the relevant lines that would set up the joke. So here it is. I'm using the text of the campaign as it was logged. Other than correcting typos and rearranging some lines - since by nature of online chat comments can be typed out of order - I've made no other changes to the text.

For example, here is the snippet of logged text that was used for strip #12:
<GM> it is staring directly at you, Baxter. everyone, roll initiative.
<RoyE> 1d20+3
* Edubb 1d20+3 = (17+3) = 20.
<Bolovan> 1d20+2
* Edubb 1d20+2 = (9+2) = 11.
<BaxterFaust> (fuck, the always gotta hate on the cleric)
<al-Kwarzim> 1d20+2
* Edubb 1d20+2 = (14+2) = 16.
<BaxterFaust> 1d20
* Edubb 1d20 = (12) = 12.
<RoyE> (i HATE not having good stats.. freakin 30pt buy)
<GM> (waaah)
<al-Kwarzim> (call the waaaaaambulance)
<RoyE> (at least a 70pt buy - get 1 good stat or so)
*** GM is now known as a_creature
* a_creature 1d20+2
* Edubb 1d20+2 = (9+2) = 11.
<BaxterFaust> (can it, you gave us 32 pt buy, so quit yer bitchin)
<Bolovan> (how come we're only getting 32 in YOUR campaign, lewis?)
<RoyE> ('cause i get to bend you over the same way - and I let you at least roll if you wanted)
<a_creature> roy, you react fastest.
*** a_creature is now known as GM
<RoyE> (OH SHIT! It knows myNAME!)
<GM> er, that was supposed to have come from me. lol

Darktoll updates on Mondays.